Two Months Later, Here’s Where We Are: HBS, Diversity & Frameworks for Social Change

  1. Framework for Action
  2. Finding Inspiration
  3. Building a Team
  4. Timeline of Events
  5. Thank Yous & Ways to Support
  6. What’s Next


  • Agitators generally take to the streets and push for the most progressive change. Innovators often focus on finding new ways to get to better outcomes. Orchestrators work behind the scenes with key figures.
  • In a way, Agitators often think about “what” should be changed and is not working, Innovators often think about “how” to create change, and orchestrators often think about the “who” to ensure the change can occur.
  • The classmate that posted on LinkedIn to her professional network, which led to someone within her network reaching out to me. This individual had a direct line to HBS leadership.
  • The friend that circulated the case to the company’s top leadership team, which includes alumni of HBS and other MBA programs.
  • The classmates that suggested a section discussion, convening their group and leveraging their voice to provide a platform for discussion.
  • The classmate who reached out to a VC (unprompted), connecting me to their contact asking “what can your VC do to help?”




  • Aug 25: HBS Case goes live along with its accompanying petition!
  • Aug 26: The case is featured in Poets & Quants / Yahoo.
  • Aug 31: Discussion guide questions published.
  • Sep 4: The case is featured in The Crimson & HBS acknowledges case.
  • Aug 26 — Sep 15: All HBS 2016 sections (A through J) received copy of the case.
  • Sep 23: HBS releases Action Plan.
  • Sep 23: Alterrell quoted in The Wall Street Journal in response HBS action plan.
  • Oct 6: Alterrell writes featured editorial in The Harbus in response to HBS’ Action Plan.
  • Oct 9: HBS selects a new Dean.
  • Oct 14: Alterrell’s editorial covered in Poets & Quants.
  • Sep 13 — Oct 24: Virtual section discussions including D 2016 on Sep 13, G 2016 on Sep 19, and B 2016 October 24.



  • Strategic Advisors: Lauren M, Arthur GS, Lami O, Bradley O, David NW.
  • Core Support: Jasmine R, Ruani R, Alissa N, Lami O.
  • Amplifiers: Atima L, DeRon B, Keren C, Cliff F, Tsion H, Martina AI, Maia M, Anndrea M, Marina N, Shannon NT, Nkem O, Erin P, Arthur GS, Selena S, Verdell W, Ben W, Adia M, Tess K, Stephanie M, Obi O, Bradley O, David W, Larry A, Anne K, Erin P, Saron T & Eden Z.


  1. Connect me with your HR / D&I to speak with your leadership team. I do various engagements and approach the work as a business practitioner (work experience includes American Express and Tesla).
  2. Hire Black and women entrepreneurs for paid work. Pay them your highest rates. Two women to consider include the founders of Evolute Consulting & You Had Me at Black.
  3. Follow DEI experts on LinkedIn including two favorites of mine Aaisha Joseph and Lily Zheng. Both women post tactical solutions, theory and reflections that are valuable or business leaders to consider.
  4. Reflect on this document and get to work. It outlines industry and role-based suggestions toward racial equity and anti-racism.
  5. Bring me in (or make requests for the team I’m connected to) to speak to your community or alumni groups. Panels are a great way to elevate the work and push for real change.



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