It’s me. I know it’s been a while since I had a dedicated space to write down my thoughts and share some aspects of my life. Right now feels like a great time to get back into the swing of things. I just finished an intensive graduate program — intense in ways I had not expected (i.e. non-academic). I moved back home and eventually back out on my again. And now I’m starting a new job in an entirely new sector, new industry and different mindset from my previous working experiences.

I plan to organize some of my writing (experiences) into short collections to distill broader themes and to provide a semblance of linearity to experiences from which I have gained non-linear meaning. I think of this post as a table of contents or a rough guide I plan to revisit frequently. Often I’ll have ideas about future topics that I will not have written, but feel free to ask questions about content areas or suggest topics you want to know more about.


Life at HBS: The hashtag that inspired a million dreams! Perhaps that’s an exaggeration. Perhaps it is one demonstration of aspirational brands’ expectation versus reality gap. Reflections about the two year experience will be…just wait and see.

  • Friendship is NOT easy: (forthcoming)
  • Requirements & Electives: (forthcoming)
  • 5,895 meters Way Up: Part 1, 2 & 3

Home, Again: Immediately after finishing HBS, I moved back into my parents’ home for about 6 weeks. In doing so, I had ample time to reflect on a variety of prior life experiences but the voices in my head kept coming back to a few key topics.

  • Kids Ruin Everything: The lessons I learned as an adult child coming back to his parents home with naïve, hopeful and optimistic views on the parent-child dynamic.
  • Mothers (always) know (best): The lessons I learned about mothers’ instinctive desire to protect and respect their children up to a point.
  • Selfless Mothers and Care-free Sons: Lessons I learned about the incredible weight mothers bear and the male privilege that allows me to have. And of course what we should do to check that privilege.

Mission Mission: In leaving the for-profit sector, I’ll be entering the world of mission-driven firms. The motivations and dynamics are different as the incentives, structures and human capital is vastly different. I am certain I’ll have strong reactions to the differences and hope to explore them here. Depending on the nature of my job, I may or may not be able to reflect in real-time.


Seriously, you all know my info. Send me your thoughts on what I write or what you want to hear more about. And comment because it is helpful to know people are engaged or impacted in some way.

My first words: but why though? | Biting my tongue requires daily reminders | Unapologetically me

My first words: but why though? | Biting my tongue requires daily reminders | Unapologetically me